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FERCHAU Mind Tracker

FERCHAU Mind Tracker

Every year the Hannover Messe attracts thousands of exhibitors and interested professionals from numerous

industrial sub-sectors. Within this melting pot of competitors and cooperation partners it is key to stand out with an uniquely staged fair booth. For the second year in succession, FERCHAU Engineering GmbH from Gummersbach, near Cologne, has entrusted lab binaer with this task.

Apart from last year's well received projects »FERCHAU AR« App and »FERCHAU Job« App, we had the opportunity to add a further tailored addition to the fair stand. Being Germany's number one engineering service provider, FERCHAU believes in the human factor. For this reason we wanted to include the exhibition's visitors directly in the project. Before the attendees even set a foot near the company's fair stand, they were detected by a system consisting of 3D-cameras and a specially developed software. Next, each passing person was assigned a thought bubble in real time, which was displayed on a series of connected monitors surrounding the booth. The bubbles then followed the visitor until he entered the stand. The message being: »FERCHAU knows what engineers think!« The fictional thoughts, which were just as human as they were topic orientated, helped break the ice between the visitors and the fair personnel, in a technical, playful and humorous manner.

Within five days, 124,891 thoughts were »read-out« and distributed amongst the fair's visitors.
We would like to thank Happy Elf for contributing the lovely music to our video.

Concept, Interactive 3D & Documentation video by Matthias Lein in collaboration with Lab Binaer.