Portfolio of Matthias Lein

Nike Vapor Untouchable II


When your shoe locks down to the ground like a magnet and the cloth is fastening around your foot like a chinese fingertrap - you're problably in for an american football game with a pair of Nike Vapor Untouchable II. And we are in for a wild VFX ride combining live action footage with rendered footwear, closeup weave and exploding particles.

Client: Nike Inc.
Animation Studio: Aixsponza
VFX Director / Editing: Christian Tyroller
VFX Supervisor / TD / CD: Manuel Casasola Merkle
Producer: Julian Fischer
Art Direction: Ronny Schmidt, Santi Zoraidez
3D Artists: Leo Akinbiyi, Joey Camacho, Matthias Lein, Moritz Schwind, Matthias Zabiegly
VFX Artists: Ben Watts, Fuat Yüksel
Modeling & Sculpting: Lars Korb
Rotoscoping: Manuel Voss
Compositing: Sylvia „Sylvi“ Rössler
Sound Design: Michael Fakesch